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Powerapps form item gallery selected

Notify( "Gallery Selected" ) While holding down the Alt key, click or tap the background of the gallery or any control in the gallery. All actions will show the Gallery Selected notification at the top of the app. Use the gallery's OnSelect property to specify the default action to take when the user clicks or taps an item in the gallery.

Mar 24, 2022 · DetailForm1 dominates this screen and displays the record that the user selected in the gallery (because the form's Item property is set to BrowseGallery1.Selected ). The DataSource property of the form also provides metadata about the data source, such as a user-friendly display name for each field. DetailForm1 contains several Card controls..

select an item to edit from the gallery which navigates to the custom form, add info and submit. once it's submitted, i want to lock the fields. however, what keeps happening is when i lock the fields after submission, any item i select from my gallery becomes uneditable. it's quite frustrating. please help.

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The selected item title/office is “Houston” and displays properly in the default sharepoint data card that is a text box. However, the first data card which is a custom dropdown control displays the first item in the list “Austin” rather than the selected item from the gallery “Houston”. Is this a limitation of custom cards or am I ....


We have a gallery where it contains the records from the List and we need to select the particular items from a gallery and send an email link to the item selected from a gallery to user and user should be able to edit the item and update the items in the list . Please let me know if any have any idea about this how to perform in the powerapps.

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